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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
503VIC150S-A Kontron 503VIC150S-A - 503VIC150S-A KONTRON Request Quote
PISA-2 Kontron PISA-2 PISA Backplanes with ISA-, PCI- and/or PISA-Slots KONTRON Request Quote
PISA-2P3I 07006-0102-02-0 PISA-Backplane with 1 ISA-Slots, 2 PCI-Slots and 2 PISA® Slots, 170x102 mm KONTRON Request Quote
PISA-B441A 07006-0404-01-0 PISA-Backplane with 4 ISA-Slots, 4 PCI-Slots and 1 PISA® Slot, 220x170 mm KONTRON Request Quote
SBC-SCPIII Kontron SBC-SCPIII CPU Boards -810E Single Board Main processor: Intel Celeron 333/366/400/433/466/500/533MHz processor... KONTRON Request Quote
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