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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
4512-104-90302 Kontron 4512-104-90302 PC/104-Express Modules-PC/104 486 KONTRON Request Quote
MSM4E104EX Kontron MSM4E104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSM4E104EX expansion card contains four 1Gbit/s LAN controllers (8257... KONTRON Request Quote
MSM8C104EX Kontron MSM8C104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSM8C104EX expansion card has a choice of either 8 or 16 serial inter... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMEC104EX Kontron Microspace MSMEC104EX PCI/104-Express Peripheral KONTRON Request Quote
MSMFW104EX Kontron MSMFW104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMFW104EX expansion card has a PCIe FireWire controller which has 2x... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMG104EX Kontron MSMG104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMG104EX expansion card is equipped with four frame grabber controlle... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMG104EX-A Kontron MSMG104EX-A This MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMG104EX expansion card is equipped with four frame grabber contro... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMGE104EX Kontron MSMGE104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMGE104EX expansion card has a PCI Express 1Gbit/s LAN controller. T... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMGS104EX Kontron MSMGS104EX The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMGS104EX expansion card has a slot for Siemens HC25-GSM/UMTS commun... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMMI104EX Kontron MSMMI104EX The MICROSPACE® MSMMI104EX PCI/104-Express expansion card has a PCIe MiniCard bracket. This allows fu... KONTRON Request Quote
MSMSA104EX Kontron MSMSA104EX PCI/104-Express Peripheral The MICROSPACE® PCI/104-Express MSMSA104EX expansion card has 2 SATA300 in... KONTRON Request Quote
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