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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
01036-0000-53-5 Kontron 01036-0000-53-5 CPU Boards - MOPSlcdLX PC/104plus(ISA & PCI) SBC - 01036-0000-53-5 - AMD LX800 500 MHz, fanless,... KONTRON Request Quote
104-AD128 PC/104 8-Ch. A/D, no D/A MF card, software & manual CD KONTRON Request Quote
104-ADIO128 Kronton 104-ADIO128 PC/104 8-Ch. A/D, 4-Ch. D/A, 12-Bit Multifunction Board KONTRON Request Quote
104-DIO48 PC/104 48 Digital I/O, Two 50-Pin IDC with High Sink Current KONTRON Request Quote
104-DIO8 PC/104 8 Isolated Inputs, 8 TTL Inputs & 8 Electromechanical Relay Outputs Digital Board KONTRON Request Quote
18001-0000-26-3 Kontron ETX-P1 266 MHz, with graphic, no flash, sound, Ethernet KONTRON Request Quote
FASTCOMESCC-104 PC/104 Dual Port High-Speed Sync/Async Serial RS-422/RS-485 w/STD & Extended Temperature KONTRON Request Quote
HB0000476 Kontron HB0000476 CPU Board with AMD LX800 500 MHz Fanless processor, DDR-SODIMM, CRT/LCD, 2xCOM, 2xUSB, LPT/IDE/LAN, 16... KONTRON Request Quote
MOPS/586 Kontron MOPS/586 CPU Board. PC/104 SBC | Am586DX-133 MHz | 4MB DRAM | 1.6MB Flash-Harddisk | Optional Ethernet | No Grap... KONTRON Request Quote
MOPSlcd5 Kontron MOPSlcd5 CPU Board. PC/104 Embedded Single Board Computer KONTRON Request Quote
MOPSlcdLX Kontron MOPSlcdLX CPU Board. PC/104(ISA) or PC/104plus(ISA & PCI) SBC - AMD LX800 500 MHz | fanless | DDR-SODIMM | CRT/L... KONTRON Request Quote
MOPS-PM Kontron MOPS-PM PC/104 CPU Board with 2xCOM, 2x USB 2.0, LAN, CRT/TFT KONTRON Request Quote
PC/104-520 Kontron PC/104-520 Low Power AMD™ SC520 fanless 133MHz, onboard 64 MByte SDRAM, SMI LynxEM4+ Graphic Controller and PC/1... KONTRON Request Quote
PC/104-SK-PLUS3 Kontron PC/104-SK-PLUS3 PC/104 StarterKit - for every MOPS PC/104 includes all cables, floppy drive and power supply uni... KONTRON Request Quote
speedMOPSlcdPM Kontron speedMOPSlcdPM CPU Board with PC/104 plus, Intel Pentium M/Celeron 800Mhz to 1.8GHz processor, onboard DUAL Pane... KONTRON Request Quote
T-MOPSlcdSA Kontron T-MOPSIcdSA CPU Board - Low Power STPC ATLAS 120MHz, on chip graphics, soldered 32 MByte SDRAM, 2xRS232C, 2xUSB,... KONTRON Request Quote
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