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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
AM4011 Kontron AM4011 Processor AdvancedMC module with Intel Core2 Duo, Ultra Flexibility KONTRON Request Quote
AM4301 Kontron AM4301 Mezzanine Card KONTRON Request Quote
AM4320 Kontron AM4320 AdvancedMC Module KONTRON Request Quote
AM4500 Kontron AM4500 Mezzanine Card - AdvancedMC SATA Storage Module - Mid-Size / Full-Size KONTRON Request Quote
AM4501 Kontron AM4501 Mezzanine Card - Built in accordance to the PICMG AMC.0 R2.0 specification, the AM4501 module is also PIC... KONTRON Request Quote
AM4510 Kontron AM4510 Mezzanine Card - AM4510 SATA storage AMC modules uses SATA hard disk drive, and achieves enhanced perform... KONTRON Request Quote
AM4520 Kontron AM4520 Mezzanine Card - AdvancedMC SAS Module - Full-Size / Mid-Size KONTRON Request Quote
AM4521 Kontron AM4521 Mezzanine Card - AM4521 AdvancedMC SAS module is the ideal high performance, highly reliable storage medi... KONTRON Request Quote
AM4530 Kontron AM4530 Mezzanine Card-The Kontron AM453x AMC module is a cost-competitive storage solution for MicroTCA & ATCA p... KONTRON Request Quote
AM5500 Kontron AM5500 Mezzanine Card - The AM5500 is a double-width AMC module offering a dual SATA carrier functionality for 2... KONTRON Request Quote
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