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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
0-0074-2254 Half Size Single Board Computers (ISA/PISA) KONTRON Request Quote
710110 Kontron 786LCD/S PLUS SiS 630 Chipset, 66/100MHz FSB, U-DMA 66, CF Type I, no Tualatin support KONTRON Request Quote
710112 Kontron 786LCD/S STANDARD Same as 71110, but only 4x RS232C, no CompactFlash socket no Graphic SO-DIMM socket, no PC/104... KONTRON Request Quote
710113 Kontron 786LCD/ST 66/100/133 FSB, all functions KONTRON Request Quote
710220 Kontron 710220 CPU Board - No Graphic SO-DIMM connector, no PanelLink KONTRON Request Quote
PISA631 Kontron PISA631 CPU Board. PISA Pentium III Single Board Computer KONTRON Request Quote
SBC555NCPU Kontron SBC555NCPU CPU Board. Half-Size w/ Pentium 233MHz processor | Flat Panel Video KONTRON Request Quote
VIPer623 Pentium MMX 233 MHz Half-Size SBC KONTRON Request Quote
VIPer629 Kontron VIPer629 CPU Board. Intel Pentium III | 850 MHz | Half-Size SBC KONTRON Request Quote
Viper-650 PCI Pentium III SBC KONTRON Request Quote
Viper-650T Half Size Single Board Computers (ISA/PISA) KONTRON Request Quote
VIPer824 KONTRON VIPer824 - Half size, ISA single board computer, Pentium MMX Processor, CompactFlash, PC/104, Video, Up to 256 M... KONTRON Request Quote
VIPer825 Kontron VIPer825 Half Size ISA Single Board Computer - Pentium / Pentium MMX, Intel 430HX, FDD, Serial, Parallel, PCI EI... KONTRON Request Quote
Viper830 KONTRON VIPER830 Series Half-Size CPU Board with Intel Pentium III/Pentium III LP/Celeron/Celeron LP Support, CF, Dual I... KONTRON Request Quote
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