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Part Number Description Manufacturer Brand Price & Lead Time
08003-0202-33-0 Kontron 08003-0202-33-0 Motherboard with 80386SX CPU, 2 MByte-DRAM keyboard controller, real time clock and 1,9 MByte BI... KONTRON Request Quote
08004-0816-33-0 Kontron 08004-0816-33-0 DIMM-PC/386-I with 8 MByte DRAM and 16 MByte Flash. KONTRON Request Quote
08004-0816-33-1 Kontron 08004-0816-33-1 DIMM-PC/386-IE with 8 MByte DRAM and 16 MByte Flash and 10 MBit Ethernet. KONTRON Request Quote
08005-0000-00-4 Kontron 08005-0000-00-4 DIMM-PC/ADA3 Backplane/Starter Kit/Evaluation Board for DIMM-PC Series CPU Modules KONTRON Request Quote
08005-0000-00-5 Kontron 08005-0000-00-5 DIMM-PCKIT3 Starter Kit for DIMM-PC® with PC/104 interface and with cable for FDD/2.54 IDE/2.54... KONTRON Request Quote
08005-0000-03-5 Kontron 08005-0000-03-5 DIMM-PCKIT3 Starter Kit for DIMM-PC with PC/104 interface (without DIMM-PC) KONTRON Request Quote
08006-0000-01-0 Kontron DIMM-PC/ETN1 Ethernet controller KONTRON Request Quote
08012-3200-13-0 Kontron 08012-3200-13-0 CPU Boards- DIMM-PC/520-I 32 MByte DRAM, no IDE compatible Flash Disk KONTRON Request Quote
08014-0000-00-0 Kontron 08014-0000-00-0 DIMM-PC/VGA2 VGA controller for CRT and LCD flatpanel KONTRON Request Quote
08014-0000-01-0 Kontron DIMM-PC/COMBO2 Graphic controller, Ethernet and two serial interfaces KONTRON Request Quote
08014-0000-01-2 Kontron 08014-0000-01-2 DIMM-PC/COMBO2 3.3 V VGA, Ethernet and two serial interfaces, 3.3 V version KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC Kontron DIMM-PC Compact PC Modules - DIMM-PC/386, DIMM-PC/520, and Accessories KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/386-B Kontron DIMM-PC/386-B 08003-0202-33-0 with 2 MByte DRAM and 1,9 MByte BIOS flash disk. KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/386-I Kontron DIMM-PC/386-I - Single-Board CPU | 386SX Processor | Integrated Chipset | VGA KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/386-IE Kontron DIMM-PC/386-IE 08004-0816-33-1 with 8 MByte DRAM and 16 MByte Flash and 10 MBit Ethernet. KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/520 Kontron DIMM-PC/520 Expansion Module. Elan SC520 AMD Processor KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/520-I Kontron DIMM-PC/520-I CPU Board with AMDTM SC520 133MHz processor, full I/O, DRAM and Flash KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/520-IE Kontron DIMM-PC/520-IE CPU Board with 32 MByte DRAM, 32 MByte IDE compatible Flash Disk, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/520-IU Kontron DIMM-PC/520-IU CPU Board with 32 MByte DRAM, 32 MByte IDE compatible Flash Disk, USB controller KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/COM1 Kontron DIMM-PC/COM1 with Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMSC) 37C665GT I/O controller and adds two more serial port... KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/COMBO2 Kontron DIMM-PC COMBO2 The DIMM-PC/COMBO2 is an add-on module for the Kontron DIMM-PC series. It combines three single m... KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/COMBO2E Temperature screened version of DIMM-PC/COMBO2. 08014-0000-01-0. KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/ETH+COM Kontron DIMM-PC/ETH+COM - DIMM-PC Ethernet and Serial Expansion Module KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/ETN1 Kontron DIMM-PC/ETN1 module with Crystal LAN Cirrus Logic CS8900 ISA Ethernet controller. KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/lite Kontron DIMM-PC/lite - Compact CPU Module Based On STPC Elite 100MHz Processor KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/lite-IE Full PC functionality at the size of a business card. No active cooling required. Comes along with all common PC interfa... KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/lite-IU Kontron DIMM-PC/lite-IU CPU Board - Full PC functionality; No active cooling required; Comes along with all common PC in... KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PC/VGA2 Kontron DIMM-PC/VGA2 VGA2 module with TOPRO TP6508 controller, drives monochrome, passive color (STN) and TFT displays. KONTRON Request Quote
DIMM-PCKIT3 Kontron DIMM-PCKIT3 Starter Kit for DIMM-PC evaluation-board KONTRON Request Quote
SIODIMM Kontron SIODIMM DIMM-PC/Socket-I/O Socket for DIMM-PC I/O module 144 Pin (200 pcs. packed) KONTRON Request Quote
SPCDIMM Kontron SPCDIMM Socket for DIMM-PC 144 Pin (90 pcs. packed) KONTRON Request Quote
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